Founded in 1915, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom empowers women to work effectively for peace and justice in every Australian state and territory in in 45 countries around the world.

The Australian WILPF Section is served by an international office in Geneva and a Section office in Queensland and our UN representatives in New York and Geneva.

General policy and programs are established by International Triennial Congresses to which national Sections send delegates, and which any member may attend. The congress elects the International President and officers who, together with one representative from each national Section, form the Executive Committee. A permanent Secretary-General works from the International Office.

The work of WILPF is funded by members’ dues and contributions and is entirely independent of governments.

What WILPF Stands For


Creating and maintaining a dialogue on the causes of war and the facilitation of peace.


Achieving total and universal disarmanent with non-violent resolution of conflict

United Nations

Supporting the UN and its specialised agencies for the prevention of war; the sustaining of the integrity of the environment and life support systems of the planet; the institution of international human rights law;and the political, social and economic cooperation of all peoples.


Working for non-violent social transformationwherever peace and freedoms are obstructed by exploitation and oppression.

Equity for all

Realising social, economic and political equity for all without discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion or other grounds.

Needs not profit

Establishing an international economy founded on meeting the needs of all peoples and not on profit or privilege

WILPF’s Action Priorities

Disarmament & Building A Culture of Peace

We campaign to change thinking about defence and about the real threats to our security, to convert the military budget to education, health and social welfare within Australia. We work to build just and sustainable development as a foundation for peace within our region, to involve women equally with men in every aspect of the peace process. We campaign against the sale of Australian-made arms in the region and for a nuclear-free Pacific.

Refugees & Asylum-Seekers

We work for a more just and compassionate policy and an end to detention centres and Temporary Protection Visas. We support community initiatives to welcome refugees and enable them to become valued Australian citizens.

Racial Justice

We challenge the racism of white Australian society and support the struggle of Aboriginal people for land rights and fair treatment under the law. We educate ourselves and others on the history of racism, and promote cultural diversity. We work for reconciliation between non-indigenous and indigenous Australians based on justice.

Human Rights

We work to increase community awareness of human rights through Human Rights Education. We oppose anti-terrorism legislation that restricts human rights. We take part in activities that promote dialogue between religious and ethnic minorities and the larger community.

The Environment

We actively support campaigns against the mining, use and disposal of uranium and promote the development of alternative sources of energy. We work against the logging of native forests and network with other groups to influence national and international environmental policy.

More Information on WILPF:

WILPF in Australia: http://www.dragon-amazon.net/wilpfaustralia/

WILPF International: http://www.wilpf.int.ch/

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