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Community Consultations in Australia

In June and July 209 WILPF Australia ran a series of community consultations covering many thousandns of kilometres. Here are the papers from that consultative process

Discussion paper from recent national tour for town hall meetings to develop a program to implement 1325 in Australia
Professor Porter's presentation at the town hall meetings
Final report from the meetings

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Countries in conflict in Asia - Pacific Region:

  • Bougainville
  • East Timor
  • Fiji
  • Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea - Sarah Garap (Attached)
  • Philippines
  • Solomon Islands - Townsville Conference Interview in P & F (Attached)
  • West Papua
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Women Peace and Security Themes:

  • Early Warning & Conflict Prevention:
    Felicity Hill
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  • What are the Necessary Conditions for Successful Peacekeeping?:
    Barbara O’Dwyer
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    This paper looks at the evolution of peacekeeping operations, the factors that have affected their operation and the various recommendations that have been made to improve their effectiveness. It notes the general lack of attention to gender in Peacekeeping mandates but notes that in those operations which have include more women, the operation has tended to be more successful in its ability to meet its mandate, contribute to the peaceful resolution of disputes and enable the local community to reconstruct their lives.

  • UNSC resolution 1325:
    Diane Otto
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