Resolution Summary

Security Council Resolution 1325 was passed unanimously on 31 October 2001. Resolution (S/RES/1325) is the first resolution ever passed by the Security Council that specifically addresses the impact of war on women, and women's contributions to conflict resolution and sustainable peace.

The Security Council focuses on four main areas:

  • Participation of women in decision-making and peace processes
  • Urges member states to ensure increased representation of women at all decision-making levels.
  • Encourages the Secretary General to implement his strategic plan of action (A/49/587) calling for an increase in the participation of women at decision-making levels in conflict resolution and peace processes.
  • Urges the Secretary General to appoint more women as special representatives and envoys.
  • Urges the Secretary General to expand the role and contributions of women in UN field-based operations, including among military observers, civilian police, human rights and humanitarian personnel.

Gender perspectives and training in peacekeeping

  • Requests the Secretary General to provide training guidelines and materials on the protection, rights and particular needs of women.
  • Urges member states to increase their voluntary financial, technical and logistical support for gender sensitive training efforts.

Protection of Women

  • Calls upon all parties to armed conflict to respect fully international law applicable to the rights and protection of women and girls, especially as civilians.
  • Calls on all parties to armed conflict to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, particularly rape and other forms of sexual abuse.
  • Emphasizes the responsibilities of all states to put an end to impunity and to prosecute those responsible for genocide crimes, including those related to sexual and other forms of violence against women and girls.
  • Calls upon all parties to armed conflict to respect the civilian and humanitarian characters of refugee camps and settlements with particular attention to women and girls' special needs.

Gender mainstreaming in United Nations reporting systems and programmatic implementation mechanism

  • Invites the Secretary General to carry out a study to be presented to the Security Council on the impact of armed conflict on women and girls, the role of women in peace-building, the gender dimensions of peace processes and conflict resolution, and progress on gender mainstreaming throughout peacekeeping missions.

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